Know what you are paying for! 

- The Difference is in the Details -

This page contains some BIG NO NO's that competitors are getting away with at your expense! Asking the right questions may save you a BIG headache down the road and give you a leg up on the type and quality of service you are about to receive. (Hover or click on the images on the left and right to get a brief description of the problem left behind by other competitors.)

Finding the right service professional

As you’re researching service professionals, be sure to get multiple bids for your project; However try to avoid choosing based on lowest price alone. You should make your final decision with a combination of factors in mind. 

Consider the following when selecting the right stump grinding service professional for you:

-When you called did they answer? If not, did they return your call in a timely manner? 

-When they arrived for a service quote/estimate were they in some sort of uniform? In a company vehicle? Did they at least look the part?

-Ask what kind of equipment they will use to get the job done.  Competitors with tow behind grinding units have to DRIVE ON YOUR YARD to reach the stump! If they are not using Track mats you WILL have ruts or heavy depressions! If they are using a tow behind unit make sure they are going to FIX your yard once the grinding is complete.


-Do they use debris guards to prevent property damages? Do they use matting to protect the lawn from damage?

-Do they offer debris clean up and dirt installation services?

-Get everything for the task at hand, in writing! Request a copy of the service quote!

-Was the service professional able to answer ALL of your questions or concerns with little or no hesitation ?

-Ask for proof of insurance, Anyone serious about what they do should be able to get you this without much fuss.

-Are they reputable? Do they have a web page, any info at all other than a phone number? Check reviews! 


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