When would removing a tree stump be right for me?

Deciding when to remove a tree stump from your lawn can be a difficult decision. There are pros and cons to tree stump removal. Most experts will agree: if you’re going to go the removal route it is best to know exactly what you’re getting yourself into. Check out our FAQ section for the run down!

Removal of a tree stump may be right for you if:

-Your yard is starting to look unsightly and unkempt.

-You want to improve the ascetics of your yard, especially if selling a home.

-Tree roots from a previous tree removal are still causing subterranean issues.

-Tree stumps can be a breeding ground for unwanted insects such as Termites, beetles, carpenter and, and many other wood-boring critters! Where do you think they will go next? That's right, into your home!

-If you have children at play stumps can become a very dangerous obstruction to trip over and cause injury!

How to choose the right service professional

As you’re researching service professionals, be sure to get multiple bids for your project; However try to avoid choosing based on lowest price alone. You should make your final decision with a combination of factors in mind. 

Consider the following when selecting a service professional

-When you called did they answer? If not, did they return your call in a timely manner? 

-When they arrived for a service quote/estimate were they in some sort of uniform? In a company vehicle? Did they at least look the part?

-Ask for proof of insurance, Anyone serious about what they do should be able to present this without much fuss.

-Ask what kind of equipment they will use to get the job done. Do they use debris guards to prevent property damages? Do they use matting to protect the lawn from damage?

-Was the service professional able to answer ALL of your questions or concerns with little hesitation?

-Get everything for the task at hand, in writing! 

-Are they reputable? Check reviews! 


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